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Profit Line Senior Folder

Senior Folder

Starting At $4.40 USD when you order 10 4X5 - PROFIT LINE SENIOR - Black

  • Brand:Profit Line
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PRICE PER Senior Folder
Item / SizeColor10 100 1000 5000 Box Quantity
4X5 - PROFIT LINE SENIORBlack0.440.350.320.29 200
4X6 - PROFIT LINE SENIORBlack0.530.420.380.32 200
5X7 - PROFIT LINE SENIORBlack0.560.450.410.34 200
6X4 - PROFIT LINE SENIORBlack0.540.430.390.35 200
7X5 - PROFIT LINE SENIORBlack0.650.510.460.41 200
8X10 - PROFIT LINE SENIORBlack1.070.850.770.68 100
10X8 - PROFIT LINE SENIORBlack1.100.880.790.70 100

Product Description


The Senior Folder is a high quality but economical folder option.  This portrait folder is made with a waffle finished recycled board.  Photographs load from the top.  This is an excellent option for senior pictures, event photography, or any other picture need.

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