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TAP Parade Album

Parade Album

Starting At $20.13 USD when you order 1 4X5 - PARADE WHITE - White/Gold

  • Brand:TAP
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PRICE PER Parade Album
Item / SizeColorPrice for 1
3X5 - PARADE All Black Black/Black21.67
4X5 - PARADE WHITEWhite/Gold20.13
4X5 - PARADE BLACK/GOLDBlack/Gold21.66
4X5 - PARADE All BlackBlack/Black21.67
4X6 - PARADE WHITEWhite/Gold22.02
4X6 - PARADE BLACK/GOLDBlack/Gold23.71
4X6 - PARADE All BlackBlack/Black23.71
5X7 - PARADE WHITE White/Gold25.00
5X7 - PARADE BLACK/GOLDBlack/Gold26.90
5X7 - PARADE 57 All Black Black/Black26.90
8X10 - PARADE WHITE White/Gold31.75
8X10 - PARADE 80 All Black Black/Black34.18
8X10 - PARADE BLACK/GOLDBlack/Gold34.19

Product Description

Simulated leather, comb construction, 10 leaves for 20 prints

Discount Information:

  • Buy 10 get 1 free on Tap albums, inserts, mats, proof books, and folios (must be all the same style item). To activate discount add 11 total items to your cart.  â€œStyle” refers to the product type: album, insert, or proof book.
  • Orders over $150.00 receive a 5% discount on TAP albums, proof books, inserts, mats, and folios.
  • Buy 20+ albums and/or folios and receive free imprinting with your studio die.

Disclaimer - Only 1 discount can be applied to each individual album, folio, or pack of inserts and mats.

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