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Photographic lacquers help photographers make their photographs stand out, making their prints more valuable to clients. Lacquer-Mat products offer the finest retouching finish, highest gloss and hardest surface. The easy-to-use Spray Texture gives your prints a beautiful pebble finish straight out of an aerosol can or from a spray gun. The lacquer won't cause spotting or lifting of artwork—it's fast drying and delivers more coating per can than any other brand. You can find all of our Coatings & Sprays, Aerosol Cans, Gallons, and Water-Mat on this page!

Water-Mat Replenisher by Lacquer-Mat Details

Water-Mat Replenisher

A water-based additive used to keep Water-Mat replenished like it just came out of the bottle..

Manufacturer: Lacquer-Mat

Starting at $9.95 per item.