Pomeroy Folder


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Waffle finish side loading folders.View product details


  • Waffle finish stock
  • Side loading



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      Pomeroy Folder Details


      • Waffle finish stock
      • Side loading


      Price Per Pomeroy Folder
      Item / SizeColor10 100 1000 5000 Box Quantity
      4X6 - POMEROY FOLDERBlack/Gold$1.15$0.88$0.80$0.71100
      4X6 - POMEROY FOLDERBlack/Black$1.21$0.93$0.83$0.74100
      4X6 - POMEROY FOLDERBlack/Silver$1.21$0.93$0.83$0.74100
      5X7 - POMEROY FOLDERBlack/Gold$1.22$0.94$0.85$0.75100
      8X10 - POMEROY FOLDERBlack/Black$2.48$1.92$1.72$1.53100

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